Mathematics Enrichment with Dr. Fran

Mathematics Enrichment, not “Tutoring”

“Tutoring” has a distinctly negative connotation to many students. When students are told they need “tutoring,” it sounds to them as if they need “to be fixed.” I see my job as helping people become richer in their mathematics understanding, knowledge, and skills. Hence, I do Mathematics Enrichment.

I do Mathematics Enrichment sessions with students:

- from age 3 through College Algebra

- for remediation and/or enrichment

- SAT/ACT preparation

- home schooling students and/or their parents.

I also may do Mathematics Enrichment with several students on the same topics in the same subject in mathematics at one time. Please see the fee schedule for multiple students.

For a home-schooling family, I can teach the youngsters and also show the home-schooling parent how to work with the children between sessions.

Special offer: lower fee for students with whom I am scheduled for three hours or more of Mathematics Enrichment per week.

Please click Policies and Fee Structure regarding Mathematics Enrichment with Dr. Fran..

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